Hello, I'm David

A bit about me

I am 24 years old,

some might call me a bit of a nerd,

I am a bit shy when first getting to know people - but who is not...

I come from Denmark and study in Viby as an multimedia designer.

Currently I live in Horsens with my girlfriend where I have been since I was born.

I have a part time job as a technician at One Repair.

I am pretty down to earth

and enjoy being around similar people.

I enjoy creative problem solving and trying out new things.


When I do not work or study, I like to try and catch up with my friends, 

play some video games

or just take some time to relax and hang back on the couch

or at the computer.

I also enjoy going to the movies when ever I can,

or watch sports if its a big game.

Besides that there is not a lot more to me. I am looking for an internship and where I can learn more about graphical design and solutions in marketing and just in general the workflow out in the real market. 


If you got this far I hope you enjoyed this small website and hope to hear from you  

-  David